This Sunday at Central

Sunday Worship can be heard at 11:00a.m. on radio station KORE 1050 on your AM dial 1857 Potter Street, Eugene Oregon 97403 541-345-0395 Pastor Stan Berntson contact number: 541-632-2417 SUNDAY, August 2, 2015   8:30AM   HOLY COMMUNION Processional Hymn #834 Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise Anthem                                      The Holy City — Adams                            Siri Vik, soloist  Alleluia       Hymn #519 Open Your Ears, O Faithful People Sermon   “Jesus The Baker?”    Interim Pastor Stan Berntson  Hymn of the Day # 485 “I Am The Bread Of Life  Communion Hymn #480 O Bread of Life from Heaven  Sunday, August 2, 2015   11:00am Holy Communion  Hymn … Continue reading