Andrea Wiggins Comfort & Joy Ministry

Our mission:
We seek to be led by the Holy Spirit
to help people turn toward each other
concerning life’s challenges.
We do this by
• teaching,
• practicing,
• and encouraging
caring communication.



The Comfort & Joy ministry is dedicated to Andrea Wiggins whose life, personally and professionally, was devoted to bringing comfort and joy to many. She was an actress, seamstress, knitter, fabric-shop owner, mother of two boys, scholarship fund developer, advocate for at-risk youth, and lead fund-raiser for the creation of a multi-million-dollar educational and social services complex at the University of Oregon College of Education. She survived cancer, divorce, and the loss of her youngest son, Tom, to a heroin overdose. She died at the hands of her husband in 2010 but lives on in the lives of her loved ones, in the legacy of the Thomas Vollmer Scholarship, and in her efforts to improve the lives of individuals, families, and the community.

Andrea and Bill Wiggins were active members of Central Lutheran Church until her death in March 2010. Bill Wiggins is currently serving a ten-year sentence for Manslaughter I at the Snake River Correctional Institution in Ontario, Oregon.

Andrea Wiggins Comfort & Joy Ministry at Central Lutheran Church


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