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Chi Rho Lecture Series 

Christ Centered Faith Renewal

  The Chi Rho Lecture Series is an annual ecumenical lecture series hosted by Central Lutheran Church with participation and support from Northwest Christian University and many community donors and churches.  Each year a well-known scholar of Christianity is brought to Eugene to lead a weekend of study, dialogue, and theological reflection. See the post below for information on this year’s program.

Chi Rho has been an important contributor to interdenominational theological conversation in Eugene, Oregon since 1970. We are building on the dedication and commitment of Jerry Dayton who brought outstanding scholars to our area for over 40 years.

 About the Logo
The Chi Rho symbol is the superimposed Greek letters Chi and Rho, representing the Christ. It is one of the earliest Christian symbols. Our logo includes the Chi Rho symbol, a trumpet, and a banner. The trumpet states our concern for proclamation. The banner symbolizes our celebration.

The cost of putting on the Chi Rho Lecture Series is completely covered by donations from supporters who believe that the life of faith means a lifetime of learning. Costs are kept to an absolute minimum by relying mostly on volunteer work, but it still requires thousands of dollars each year to bring in high quality speakers.

The financial generosity of Chi Rho donors ensures the vitality and continuity of this ecumenical, community resource.To make a contribution to Chi Rho, please make a check out to Central Lutheran Church and write Chi Rho Lectures in the memo line. Contributions can be dropped off at the church office 1857 Potter Street, Eugene, OR 97403.

Chi Rho Series Chairperson – Chuck Dietz
Telephone: 541.345.0395

2022 Chi Rho Lectures

Jonathan Homrighausen and Suzanne Moore Illuminating Justice: How Art and Sacred Text Repair the World Ancient scripture and contemporary art ...
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2021 Chi Rho Lectures – Mark Brocker

The 2021 Chi Rho Lecture: Doing Ethics in Extraordinary Times: The Witness of Dietrich Bonhoeffer by the Rev. Dr. Mark ...
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The 2019 Chi Rho Lectures

Beverly Roberts Gaventa Listening to a Pauline Letter (Romans in Particular) Listening or reading a Pauline letter can be a ...
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Ronald Heine 2018 Chi Rho Lecturer

The 2018 Chi Rho Lectures  You can listen to each lecture by clicking on the link. Lecture 1: The Unity ...
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2017 Chi Rho Lectures Now Available Here

  KURT K. HENDEL Bernard, Fischer, Westberg Distinguished Ministry Professor Emeritus  of Reformation History Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago Dr ...
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2016 Chi Rho Lectures – Carl Holladay

2016 Chi Rho Lectures  November 11-13Deepening the Church’s Sensibilities: Reflections on Acts  Dr. Carl Holladay, C. H. Candler Professor of ...
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Chi Rho Lectures 2015 – David Ford

Daring SpiritThe Gospel of John for the Twenty-first CenturyThese lectures were given by Dr. David Ford on November 13 to 15th, ...
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Previous Chi Rho Speakers

Chi Rho Lecture Series - Speakers 2015 - David Ford, Daring Spirit, The Gospel of John for the 21st Century Listen to ...
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