College Ministry Minutes – February 1st, 2016

Central Lutheran Church

College Ministry Team

February 1st, 2016

Present: Megan Scott-Susuico, Sarah Cordero, Julia Mauro, Angela Rothman, Isiah, Sophi, Davianna Smith, Josh Olsen, and David Rodgers

Megan opened up the meeting with a discussion of the new College Ministry Team. She handed out a proposal sheet for all of the attendees. Megan is also working on an updated CH Handbook.


Megan worked to fill the open positions with volunteers. The following was determined:

Team Captain – David Rodgers will fill the position through the end of June to allow the team time to find a replacement.

Admissions – Anna Moeller

Finances – Kim Meyers

Christian College Liaison – Isiah

Activities Coordinator – Sophi

Rent Collection – David Rodgers will help Megan with this function

The remaining positions are under consideration and should be filled soon.


Head Resident:

  • The new laundry equipment is expected to arrive midweek this week.
  • Angela has offered to place a typed up paragraph advertising Christus House at the Newman Center. She would like assistance with the wording. David mentioned that Kim had completed a similar ad last year for the Synod. Kim, can you please forward this ad to Angela. Angela’s email address is It is time to start advertising so it would also be a good idea to hit up the Synod again.
  • Josh requested that community fund be used for community activities only and not for house maintenance and replacement of janitorial items. The team voted on this and approved the item (which was a carry over from the CH Committee days). Sarah and Megan will discuss an appropriate dollar limit and share this with the team/Josh once determined.
  • Josh also discussed several items that have been requested: new laundry hamper, return of wall décor, additional activities with other college students besides CH residents, sink squeegees, hot tub, and door knob maintenance


Next Meeting: March 7th, 2016 (We will schedule a meeting the first Monday of each month with deviations from this schedule announced as necessary)

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