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Palms Together In Prayer And Palms Open In Support Of The Needs Of Our Members

PALMSupport Guidelines

The PALMSupport is a program of Central Lutheran Church, through which members of the Congregation may sign up to volunteer time, services and information, and/or provide tangible goods, such as durable medical equipment, to individuals with needs for the same.    A “needs” or “resource list” containing the names and contact information of members volunteering help, may be accessed below by members who have those needs.  A reasonable level of confidentiality is to be expected as most communication will be an exchange between the two members and may be of a personal nature and information on the web site is password protected.  Some listings, such as “Durable Medical Equipment” and “Physicians, Surgeons and other medical personnel”, are too extensive to list individual items or specialties, so members may enter specific requests through the contact person listed.


The codes, V, $ and R, in the column following names, will identify the type of service offered and are explained below.


Members who offer to provide a service or product with no expectation of reimbursement.
Recipients, who do wish to provide reimbursement for services received, are encouraged to accept the item or service offered as an expression of love, and may make a contribution to a Central Lutheran charitable activity.   Individuals, however, may certainly be reimbursed for “out of pocket“ expenses.   Please use caution if volunteers may be performing activities with risk of injury and potential damages, and consider using licensed services of a recommended business.


Members who are business owners, professionals or trades practitioners who typically offer their services to the public for a fee.  Recipients should expect quality services provided at a high level of honesty and safety and fair prices, which should be agreed upon in advance.


Members who have retained the services of a business, agency, contractor, organization, trade or individual in the community to perform work or services under some form of agreement or contract, were pleased with the service and are comfortable in recommending the same to another member.


The primary focus for listed items, i.e: durable medical equipment, is for “short term “ use, generally considered to be two to three months, not an indefinite period of time or permanent loan.  It should also be noted that there are items of durable medical equipment available from the “Church Inventory” which may fulfill a need.  This is NOT to say however, that a provider may not donate as a gift or sell an item to a recipient in a private agreement between the two parties.  Volunteer services, such as Transportation, In and At Home personal, household and yard care activities, etc. should also be considered “short term” and not carry an expectation beyond meeting the immediate need. 


To get information on specific help available or to make a direct request for help, click here to email the PALMS coordinator.


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