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Chi Rho Lecture Series – Speakers 

2015 – David Ford, Daring Spirit, The Gospel of John for the 21st Century

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Listen to David Ford’s lectures from 2015.


2014 – Jack Levison, The Holy Spirit You Never Knew
Chi Rho Levison

Listen to Jack Levison’s lectures from 2014.


 2012 – Steve Delamarter, The Word Became Flesh and the Flesh Became Word: How Manuscripts Shaped Culture and Culture Shaped Manuscripts

Chi Rho Delamarter

2011 – Gordon Lathrop, The Four Beasts on Sunday: New Testament Gospels and Christian Worship
Chi Rho Lathrop

2009 – Amy-Jill Levine, Jesus Between Jews and Christians
Chi Rho Levine

2008 – Carol Newson, Good and Evil: Making Sense of a Senseless World
Chi Rho Newsom

 2007 – Mary Jane Haemig, Teaching the Faith in the American West

 2006 – Daniel Falk, Says Who? The Words of God and Human Words
Chi Rho Falk

 2005 – Ched Myers, The Biblical Vision of Sabbath Economics
Chi Rho Myers

 2004 – Luke Timothy Johnson, Paul the Apostle: Liberator or Oppressor
Chi Rho Johnson

 2003 – Marva Dawn, Revelation & the Revelation: Being Christian in Crisis Times

2002 – Pheme Perkins, Raising the Dead: Why Does Easter Matter?

 2001 – Walter Wink, Becoming Human: The Enigma of the Son of Man

 2000 – Marcus Borg, Re-Visioning Christianity: History, Metaphor and Sacrament

 1999 – Walter Burghardt, Christians in a New Millennium

 1998 – Charles Strozier, Christian Fundamentalism and the Apocalyptic in the 1990s

 1997 – Sandra Schneiders, Sacred Scripture and Christian Spirituality

 1996 – James Charlesworth, Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls

 1995 – Dorothee Solle, After the Shoah

 1994 – Phyllis Trible, A Feminist Reads the Bible

 1993 – Brian Wren, Reforming Faith: A Poet’s Exploration

 1992 – Heiko Oberman, The Relevance of the Reformation: The Gospel for Modern Times

 1991 – Raymond Brown, The Passion and Death of Jesus: Issues Historical and Theological

 1990 – Leander Keck, Jesus and Salvation

 1989 – Fred Craddock, Jesus and the Search to Know God

 1988 – Martin Marty, Religious Extremes: Killing and Giving Life

 1987 – Walter Wangerin, A Word to the Bewildered

 1986 – Walter Brueggemann, Coventanting: Speech with Heaven Obedience on Earth

 1985 – Kevin Seasoltz and Don Saliers, Worship Renewal: Symbol and Song

 1984 – Justo Gonzalez and Catherine Gonzalez, Signs of Our Theological Times

 1983 – George Lindbeck and Harry McSorley, Luther in the 20th Century

1982 – Sister Jose Hobday, Full Living Now

1981 – Elizabeth Bettenhausen, Old Creation / New Creation

1980 – George Forell, The Augsburg Confession

1979 – Krister Stendahl, The Church: God’s Laboratory

1978 – Edna & Howard Hong, An Inland Journey: A Pilgrimage of Possibilities of Human Existence

1977 – Joseph Sittler, The Christian Faith & Three Contemporary Issues

1976 – Edmund Stiemle, The Bible as Story and Our Stories

1976 – Martin Marty, Bi-Centennial Celebration (not Chi Rho)

1975 – James Burtness, Understanding the Holy Spirit

1974 – Robert Bertram, Such Authority to Men: A look at the Gospel of Matthew

1973 – James Kallas, Evenings with the Evangelists

1972 – Hagan Staack, An Old Bible for New Man

1971 – William Lazareth, A Theology of Ecology

1970 – George Forell, Christianity in a Pluralistic World

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