The 2019 Chi Rho Lectures

Beverly Roberts Gaventa



Listening to a Pauline Letter (Romans in Particular)

Listening or reading a Pauline letter can be a challenge. How were the letters put together and who was Paul’s audience in Rome? Friday, Nov. 1, 7:30 pm, Central Lutheran Church, 1857 Potter Street

Romans: It’s About God

The central feature of Romans is what God has done, is doing, and

will do. What is Paul’s concern with power, welcome, trust, and praise?

Saturday, Nov. 2, 9:30 am–12:30 pm, Northwest Christian University, Library, Rm 203, 1188 Kincaid

Romans: The Gospel for Jew and Greek (And What About Us)

Paul says that the gospel was written for Jew and Greek alike. How do Paul’s words speak to our current crises around human difference? Saturday, Nov. 2, 7:30 pm, Central Lutheran Church

Romans: Christian Hospitality in a World of Difference

Paul writes “Welcome one another,” but this can be difficult where there are deeply held differences of judgment. What might we learn from Paul about Christian hospitality?
Sunday, Nov. 3, 9:45 am, Adult Education Hour, Central Lutheran Church

Ronald Heine 2018 Chi Rho Lecturer

The 2018 Chi Rho Lectures 

You can listen to each lecture by clicking on the link.

Lecture 1: The Unity of Scripture: What It Means and Why It Matters  – Friday Evening, Nov. 9, 2018             
  Q and A for Lecture 1

Lecture 2: Reading the Exodus Story as a Symbol of Salvation – Saturday Morning, Nov. 10, 2018
Q and A for Lecture 2

Lecture 3: The Christological Reading of the Prophets – Saturday Morning, Nov. 10. 2018
 Q and A for Lecture 3

Lecture 4: Origen on Scripture and the Life of Discipleship – Saturday Evening, Nov. 10, 2018
 Q and A for Lecture 4

Lecture 5: Early Christian Interpretations of the Psalms – Sunday Morning, Nov. 11, 2018
Q and A for Lecture 5

2017 Chi Rho Lectures Now Available Here


Bernard, Fischer, Westberg Distinguished Ministry Professor Emeritus 
of Reformation History
Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago

Dr. Kurt Hendel of the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago was the 2017 Chi Rho speaker.  A renowned reformation scholar, Dr. Hendel will provide prospective on this 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation.  Below you will find links to recordings of Dr. Hendel’s lectures along with his handouts for downloading.


Spiritual Reform – Martin Luther: Person of Faith Friday, Oct. 27, 7:30 pm
Central Lutheran Church, 1857 Potter Street, Eugene

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Click here to see his outline.

Ethical Reform – Martin Luther: Faith Active in Love
Saturday, Oct. 28, 9:30 am–12:30 pm
Northwest Christian University, Library, Rm 203, 1188 Kincaid, Eugene

Click to listen to the lecture.

Click here to listen to the follow-up questions.

Click here to see his outline.

Theological Reform – Martin Luther: The Hidden and Revealed God
and the Church’s Mission

Saturday, Oct. 28, 7:30 pm

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Luther on Marriage and Family
Sunday, Oct. 29, 9:45 am
Central Lutheran Church, Adult Education hour

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2016 Chi Rho Lectures – Carl Holladay

2016 Chi Rho Lectures 
November 11-13

Deepening the Church’s Sensibilities: Reflections on Acts

Carl Holladay-300dpi-4x6


Dr. Carl Holladay,

C. H. Candler Professor of New Testament and Senior Fellow at the Center for the Study of Law and Religion at Emory University




Dr. Carl Holladay will be the 2016 Chi Rho Lecturer speaking on Friday evening, November 11 (at Central Lutheran Church), Saturday morning and evening, November 12 (at Northwest Christian University and then again at Central), and Sunday morning, November 13 (between worship services at Central).

Friday, Nov 11, 7:30 pm  at Central Lutheran Church, 1857 Potter St.

      Exploring Acts—The Shape of the Story

 Saturday, Nov. 12, 9:30 am–12:30 pm at Northwest Christian University, Library, Rm 203, 1188 Kincaid

      A Sense of History: Roots and Origins

      A Sense of Inquiry: Searching the Scriptures

Saturday, Nov. 12, 7:30 pm at  Central Lutheran Church

      A Sense of Community: Meals, Meetings, Networks, and Possessions”

 Sunday, Nov. 13, 9:30 am at Central Lutheran Church, Adult Education Hour

      A Sense of Mission: To the End of the Earth

 Carl Holladay’s research focuses on Luke-Acts, Hellenistic Judaism (Judaism in the Greco-Roman world), and Christology. He is the author of seven books, including A Critical Introduction to the New Testament: Interpreting the Message and Meaning of Jesus Christ (Abingdon, 2005), which offers historical context as well as an orientation to religious, theological and ethical issues surrounding Jesus’ message, and is used extensively by seminaries and ministers. Holladay also co-authored Biblical Exegesis: A Beginner’s Handbook (Westminster John Knox, 1st ed., 1982), a widely used introductory text on exegetical methods, theory and practice, now in its third edition. His newest book, ACTS – A Commentary, will be available on September 23.

He has received several prestigious fellowships and professional honors, including a Fulbright Senior Scholar Award, a Luce Fellowship, and a Festschrift titled Scripture and Traditions: Essays on Early Judaism and Christianity in Honor of Carl R. Holladay (Brill, 2008).

 If you would like to see a short video with Dr. Holladay, click on this YouTube link:

See and Download the 2016 Lecture Series Poster Here

See and download a Sunday Bulletin or Newsletter announcement here.

Chi Rho Lectures 2015 – David Ford


ford image 2Daring Spirit

The Gospel of John for the Twenty-first Century

These lectures were given by Dr. David Ford on November 13 to 15th, 2015 at Central Lutheran Church and at Northwest Christian University in Eugene, Oregon. For each lecture you can listen to the podcast and view the handout materials (for lectures 1,2, and 3).


Lecture 1: Loved (Friday, November 13, 7:30 P.M. at Central Lutheran Church)

Chi Rho Lecture 1 Handout Ford 2015

Lecture 2: Learning to Read the Gospel of John (Saturday, November 14, 9:30 A.M. at Northwest Christian University)

Chi Rho Lecture 2 Handout Ford 2015

Lecture 3: Learning the Live the Gospel of John (Saturday, November 14, 11 A.M. at Northwest Christian University)

Chi Rho Lecture 3 Handout Ford 2015 2015

Lecture 4: The Ongoing Drama – Following Jesus Now (Saturday, November 14, 7:30 P.M. at Central Lutheran Church)


Lecture 5: More Love (Sunday, November 15, 9:45 A.M. at Central Lutheran Church)


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Previous Chi Rho Speakers

Chi Rho Lecture Series – Speakers 

2015 – David Ford, Daring Spirit, The Gospel of John for the 21st Century

ford image 2


Listen to David Ford’s lectures from 2015.


2014 – Jack Levison, The Holy Spirit You Never Knew
Chi Rho Levison

Listen to Jack Levison’s lectures from 2014.


 2012 – Steve Delamarter, The Word Became Flesh and the Flesh Became Word: How Manuscripts Shaped Culture and Culture Shaped Manuscripts

Chi Rho Delamarter

2011 – Gordon Lathrop, The Four Beasts on Sunday: New Testament Gospels and Christian Worship
Chi Rho Lathrop

2009 – Amy-Jill Levine, Jesus Between Jews and Christians
Chi Rho Levine

2008 – Carol Newson, Good and Evil: Making Sense of a Senseless World
Chi Rho Newsom

 2007 – Mary Jane Haemig, Teaching the Faith in the American West

 2006 – Daniel Falk, Says Who? The Words of God and Human Words
Chi Rho Falk

 2005 – Ched Myers, The Biblical Vision of Sabbath Economics
Chi Rho Myers

 2004 – Luke Timothy Johnson, Paul the Apostle: Liberator or Oppressor
Chi Rho Johnson

 2003 – Marva Dawn, Revelation & the Revelation: Being Christian in Crisis Times

2002 – Pheme Perkins, Raising the Dead: Why Does Easter Matter?

 2001 – Walter Wink, Becoming Human: The Enigma of the Son of Man

 2000 – Marcus Borg, Re-Visioning Christianity: History, Metaphor and Sacrament

 1999 – Walter Burghardt, Christians in a New Millennium

 1998 – Charles Strozier, Christian Fundamentalism and the Apocalyptic in the 1990s

 1997 – Sandra Schneiders, Sacred Scripture and Christian Spirituality

 1996 – James Charlesworth, Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls

 1995 – Dorothee Solle, After the Shoah

 1994 – Phyllis Trible, A Feminist Reads the Bible

 1993 – Brian Wren, Reforming Faith: A Poet’s Exploration

 1992 – Heiko Oberman, The Relevance of the Reformation: The Gospel for Modern Times

 1991 – Raymond Brown, The Passion and Death of Jesus: Issues Historical and Theological

 1990 – Leander Keck, Jesus and Salvation

 1989 – Fred Craddock, Jesus and the Search to Know God

 1988 – Martin Marty, Religious Extremes: Killing and Giving Life

 1987 – Walter Wangerin, A Word to the Bewildered

 1986 – Walter Brueggemann, Coventanting: Speech with Heaven Obedience on Earth

 1985 – Kevin Seasoltz and Don Saliers, Worship Renewal: Symbol and Song

 1984 – Justo Gonzalez and Catherine Gonzalez, Signs of Our Theological Times

 1983 – George Lindbeck and Harry McSorley, Luther in the 20th Century

1982 – Sister Jose Hobday, Full Living Now

1981 – Elizabeth Bettenhausen, Old Creation / New Creation

1980 – George Forell, The Augsburg Confession

1979 – Krister Stendahl, The Church: God’s Laboratory

1978 – Edna & Howard Hong, An Inland Journey: A Pilgrimage of Possibilities of Human Existence

1977 – Joseph Sittler, The Christian Faith & Three Contemporary Issues

1976 – Edmund Stiemle, The Bible as Story and Our Stories

1976 – Martin Marty, Bi-Centennial Celebration (not Chi Rho)

1975 – James Burtness, Understanding the Holy Spirit

1974 – Robert Bertram, Such Authority to Men: A look at the Gospel of Matthew

1973 – James Kallas, Evenings with the Evangelists

1972 – Hagan Staack, An Old Bible for New Man

1971 – William Lazareth, A Theology of Ecology

1970 – George Forell, Christianity in a Pluralistic World