Application to Christus House 2017-2018

We are delighted you are choosing to apply with us this coming year!

Christus House is  not only a physical residence, but is also an intentional living community composed of undergraduate and graduate students seeking to grow in Christian faith and life together. Due to the programmatic nature of the Christus House community, we offer the following guidelines to support a successful match for our applicants:

  1. Applicants must be 18 years or older.
  2. Applicants should be currently enrolled as a full-time undergraduate or graduate student in their academic institution. Potential applicants who are enrolled part-time but still interested in Christus House are invited to submit a “special circumstances” request with their application.
  3. Applicants should be committed to a year of engagement with Christian faith and life, including programming, both individually and in their Christus House community. Each year, the Christus House develops a covenant of conduct with one another that all residents will then be accountable to maintain.
  4. Central Lutheran Church, and by extension Christus House, affirms and celebrates both the human variation and inclusive unity of God’s family. Following Jesus’ example, we embrace all of God’s people in their ethnicity and race, physical and mental abilities, marital status, sexual orientation and gender identity, and economic circumstance. Applicants should have sincere commitment to co-creating a community of safety and care for all residents.

In addition to the initial basic information, this application includes a narrative section – please provide yourself time and space that supports thoughtful responses to the questions below. Before submitting, please also include two character references (professors, ministers, or employers preferred) and contact numbers for each.

Thank you!